Sunday, October 08, 2006

My First Buck

The Great Hunter!!!

Well, I finally killed my first buck...yeah!! Call me the great hunter, OK so not so much. Brody took me out on 10/7/06 after I had worked all night. It was a long day, hiking up and down the mountainside, but finally after about 3 1/2 hours of searching, I found the buck bedded down near some brush. Brody said it was a hard shot since he was facing me and bedded down, but I didn't know the difference. I was pretty nervous right before I pulled the trigger, but not before then. I watched him for about an hour before I shot, trying to get up the nerve to actually pull the trigger. One shot, that's all it took, and the poor little buck died right where he had bedded down for an afternoon nap!!! Brody had to convince me that I really killed it because I just couldn't believe it!! Good Job Ar!! That was the easy part, I forgot about cleaning it and dragging it off the dang mountain. I am soooo sore today from all the hiking, not to mention the fact that I had no sleep. I have such a wonderful husband that when we got back he let me go sleep and took care of all the dirty work...thanks Brod!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Here is a picture I took as I was driving home from the airport today- Nothing feels as good as getting back home, and dropping down into the valley!! I LOVE OREGON

Welcome Mykaia

I spent this last weekend in Bozeman, MT visiting my best friend from high school, Cassidy, who decided to have her baby a month early. Mykaia Shea was born 9/27/06. She weighed only 5# 3oz. Tiny little thing. She is so sweet. I'm so proud of Cassidy- she now has two beautiful children!! I love being an "aunt." Kaia and I spent lots of time "bonding" while I let Cass get as much sleep as possible. She was a little jaundice, so I had her sun-bathing in front of the window- she seemed to love it, and was pretty kicked back as you can see in the last pic.