Saturday, August 25, 2007

Belly Pics!!

Here are a couple belly pics of me (I will make a slide a little later). Although, I feel like just this last week it's really starting to pop out. Let me remind you that these were taken in the morning before I ate wasn't this small at the end of the day!! Also- don't pay attn to the fact that my butt is bigger than my belly...pretty pathetic huh:) The first one I am 15 weeks, and the second one I am 18 weeks!! I feel bigger than they look:(

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Love!!

Here is a picture of Brody and I eating fresh crab (YUM) that was taken 8/12/ sister-in-laws parents are LDS, so they had my new nephew Owen blessed at their church..Brody & I were able to go and see the family. Afterwards, Jenna's family put on a very nice Bar-B-Q for everyone. Thanks to the Hare's!!


Here are some pics of my sister-in-laws and I that were just recently here.

Wyatt & Levi

Here are some more recent pics of Wyatt and Levi...they are both getting so big. Wyatt is getting ready to start kindergarten and Levi will be going to Preschool!! They are 100% ALL BOYS.

Owen Adam

Here are some pictures of my nephew Owen Adam Hoyt, born 5/26/07. He makes three nephews for me...I love it. He looks a lot like my brother Gabe when he was a baby. Good job Gabe and Jenna!!

Nieces and Nephew!!

Here are more pics from when my family was up visiting. There were 4 girls and my new nephew Owen (born 5/26/07)!!

My beautiful nieces!!

Here are some pics from when my sister-in-laws (Rhian & Jenna) were here visiting for a couple weeks...I know I've said it before...but I think I have the most beautiful nieces in the world!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

19 Weeks!!

Well, I'm 19 weeks today. Thought I'd write a little note to let everyone know how I'm doing. I still get sick....unfortunately and am REALLY REALLY sick of being sick...but lately it seems like it's getting a little better. I have to remind myself of that as I'm leaned over the toilet barfing my guts out...sounds like fun huh!! On a better note...I started feeling the baby move at 16 weeks. It is an amazing thing that I can not even describe!! I love this baby so much already. I could lay around for hours with my hands on my stomach smiling as it moves around in there. I love it...I also love Brody's reaction as he gets to feel it move as well. I've never seen him smile so much...I can't wait to see him be a makes me love him so much more, and I didn't think that possible. He gets a little irritated at me when I push on my stomach trying to wake the baby up to get it to move...I just laugh at how protective he already is. I have my 20+ week ultrasound on the 12th of September...but we still do not want to know the sex. Anyhow- I'm doing fairly well overall. Working 8 nights in a row gets harder and harder every day. I think work makes me sicker:) Anyhow- I will try to update you all more...lots of love