Saturday, August 25, 2007

Belly Pics!!

Here are a couple belly pics of me (I will make a slide a little later). Although, I feel like just this last week it's really starting to pop out. Let me remind you that these were taken in the morning before I ate wasn't this small at the end of the day!! Also- don't pay attn to the fact that my butt is bigger than my belly...pretty pathetic huh:) The first one I am 15 weeks, and the second one I am 18 weeks!! I feel bigger than they look:(

1 comment:

JaY said...

I am dying laughing right now. No belly, no butt, are you sure you are pregnant. I think that maybe you stole your ultrasound pic from a patient at the hospital cause I don't see anything. Get ready for a rude awakening. You don't know what FAT is. Can't wait untill you have a REAL belly. Yeah for baby Anderson. I love him/her so much already. Little peanut.