Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ready or He/She comes!!!!!

Well, the words officially out, I'M PREGNANT. Yep, ALL of us. It definately was not planned, but Brody and I found out on Mother's day that our lives are going to be drastically changed, but we're both excited. I had an ultrasound today to get dates and I am 7 weeks 1 day, due January 15, 2008....which seems like sooooo far away. The last week or so I haven't felt the best, so it's made life a little rough in our little household. Hopefully it won't last too long....but we'll see. We are not going to find out the sex of the baby...I'm an OB nurse, I have to have something to look forward to! Anyhow, SURPRISE to all, hope life is good for everyone. I'll post pictures when I get a chance. Right now all we have is a "blob" (a cute one of course) with a heartbeat...which was so cool to see. Brody and I are both very excited and VERY scared/nervous. Wish us luck

Friday, May 04, 2007

Finally some pics of our Twins!!

Meet our twins "Johnny & June". What's not to love...

Seattle Trip

This last weekend Brody and I rode tripped to Seattle with our friends Brianna & Danny. We went shopping and to a Mariners game. It was a quick weekend trip, but was a lot of fun. It was nice to get out of town for a while...but I have to say it's also very nice to come home!!

Sleepy Boys

Here is a pic of Wyatt and Levi asleep in the car after they went to the ranch with us to celebrate Uncle Brody's bday!! They ate a ton of cake and rode the 4-Wheeler...cutie's!!