Tuesday, September 26, 2006

California Trip

Here are some pictures from my California trip that I took at the end of August. Top is a picture of Audrey when we went out to eat at Red Lobster. Next is a pic of my brother Gabe and I with the girls; after that is Audrey (left) and Madelyn, my two youngest nieces. Last is a pic of Kailey (middle), Maddison (left), and I at Red Lobster..it was delicious! Aren't my nieces beautiful...I miss them so much and can't wait until they move to Oregon!!


JaY said...

Cutie girls. Good job on the blog Ar. Fun huh. It will soon be an addiction.

DFW Real Estate said...

Your blog is great, I'll make sure to pass on your link to my Dallas Foreclosures friends.