Friday, January 26, 2007

San Jose Trip

This last weekend I was able to fly to San Jose to see my friend Jennifer and her new baby girl (born 12/8/06). I had sooooo much fun and immediatly fell in love with the baby. The slide show below is some of the pics I took. Although she is not much of a snuggler, I was able to sneak in some snuggle time during naps. We were able to bond as I bounced her around the house. She is so beautiful! I had sooo much fun. It is so surreal to finally meet the little one that we dreamed about and talked about all during nursing school, what now seems like so many years ago. Jay is such a beautiful amazed me to watch her care for and feed her little girl. It was sad leaving them, knowing that the next time I see them she will have grown and changed so much from this visit. I can not wait until they move home!!

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