Wednesday, March 28, 2007's been a while!!

Hey all, sorry it has been so long since I've done anything with the blog. I have been super busy with work...and of course calving season is in full bloom at the ranch!! I have taken a few pics of our babies...I'll have to post them. We have twins again this year, from the same cow who had twins two years ago (for those of you who aren't ranchers...that's not real common)!! So yeah for us!! I have a bad habit of getting attached and naming them...Brody hates that all the new babies have to be called by their names...but come on they are SOOOO cute. Anyhow- I got a new camera for my birthday and have not installed the program on my therefore no pics yet...soon... hopefully. Anyhow- all is well in Oregon. The weather is cold right now...spitting snow yesterday and last night. Dang mother nature teased us with a couple days in the high 60's- low 70's and I loved it. Can't wait for warmer weather. Anyhow, I hope all is well for everyone else. Please keep in touch the best you can...I know everyone is probably as busy as we are...but know I love ya!!

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JaY said...

What did you name the calves? So cute. Can't wait to see pics. Adrie is sleeping and I am trying to catch up on everyones blog and update mine. It's been crazy busy and is only going to get worse being that I start work on Sunday. Sad. Miss you bunches and bunches. Sorry we didn't get to see you when we were home. Chat at you later. Love ya.