Friday, December 29, 2006

A California Christmas

Here are some of the pics from Christmas at my brothers in was a lot warmer than home. First is Brody with Madisson, she is the happiest kid, always smiling with those cute little dimples. Then is Audrey, Madisson, and I before church on Christmas eve, and then Brody and the girls the same time. Last is all of my nieces that were there in a box.. it was a tight fit, but a cute pic. Of all the gifts, the big empty boxes seemed to keep them the most satisfied.

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JaY said...

Cute posts Ar. If you want you can do slide shows on I think Anyhow, that way you don't have to do so many separate blogs and it is much faster. I'm glad you and Brod had such a great Christmas. Can't wait to see you in January. Have a safe New Years.